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Olemme tequilaseura Lappeenrannasta. Virallisesti ensimmäisinä Suomessa. Seuran tehtävänä on laajentaa tequilakulttuuria ja lisätä tequilatietoutta.

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5 days ago
Añejo ry 1. Tasting 2016

Añejo ry:n ensimmäinen tequila tasting! Kokoonnutaan siis Birraan maistelemaan laatujuomia hyvässä seurassa.

Tastingin hinta ja juomavalikoima tarkentuvat myöhemmin. Tilaisuus on avoinna vain ... See more

1 week ago

We are fair but firm! http://anejo.fi/saannot/

2 weeks ago
"Local Flavor" - 1800 Tequila. Enough said.

On se. #rayliottaistheman #enoughsaid #1st_tasting_coming_soon


1800® Tequila the original super-premium tequila, renowned for being expertly aged and consistently smooth. Named after the year it was created, 1800® Tequil...

2 weeks ago


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3 weeks ago
Why Alcohol Can Be Good For You [Body & Mind] | Elite Daily

Studies show that tequila can not only aid in lowering blood sugar but when used in moderation it can help you shed the pounds.


Let’s be honest, there are many reasons why you should cut back on your alcohol intake. But if you’re going to drink, you can at least drink a little more re...

1 month ago